Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benjamin Griffith & Ann

Benjamin & Ann GRIFFITH are thought to be my 8th paternal great grand parents.

I say thought to be, because, well, I just don't know.

I have linked Jackson GRIFFITH to Benjamin by one, yes one, document - an abstract of Benjamin's will in which Benjamin leaves to Jackson a parcel of land named "Eastern Neck" - the very same one that Jackson later leaves to his daughters Martha & Asenath. Other than that - not a thing.

Benjamin GRIFFITH 
b. ?
d.  17 Apr 1736 Taylor, Kent Co., Maryland

m. Ann ???

2.) Nathaniel GRIFFITH 
        b. ?
        d. ?
3.) Cooter (Coother) GRIFFITH 
        b. 14 Oct 1729
        d. ?
SRC: www.FamilySource.org

4.) Jonas GRIFFITH 
        b. 14 Jan 1732
        d. ?
SRC: www.FamilySource.org

5.) Mary GRIFFITH 
        b. 14 Jan 1735
SRC: www.FamilySource.org

Cooter, Jonas, & Mary born SAINT PAULS PARISH, KENT, MARYLAND. Unknown for Jackson & Nathaniel. Ann is listed as mother for Cooter, Jonas, and Mary - unable to find information on Nathaniel and Jackson

Benjamin's Will:
Griffith, Benjamin, Taylor, Kent Co., 26th Mch., 1736;
17th Apr., 1736.
To son Jackson and hrs. pt. of “Eastern Neck;” ½ the lot at Towe (that half next the wharf).
To 2nd son Nathaniel and hrs., residue of “Eastern Neck,” to be made over to sd. son by John Dunahue; also the “Calfpen.”
To third son Cooter (Coother) and hrs., other half of the lot at Town; “Spring Garden.”
To fourth son Jonas and hrs., “Batchelor's Choice.”
To dau. Mary, certain personalty at age of 16.
To wife —— her thirds; residue to be divided equally among children.
Exs.: Wife —— and son Jackson.
Test: Thomas Catlin, Walter Meeks (Meecks), William Absaley. 21. 575.

MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 7 (SRC: Ancestry.com)

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