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Jackson Griffith & Ann Blackiston

Jackson and Ann are believed to be my 7th paternal great grandparents.

Information is sketchy at best, and mostly speculation.

      b. ?
      d. 1 Nov 1755 Kent Co., Maryland
Father: Benjamin GRIFFITH
Mother: Unknown, possibly Ann Unknown

married on 26 Jan 1738 St. Paul's Parish, Kent Co., Maryland to

      b.abt. 1708
      d. aft. 1739

1.) Martha GRIFFITH
        b. 25 Dec 1739  Kent Co., Maryland
        d. ?
2.) William Jackson GRIFFITH (click me!)
3.) Asenath GRIFFITH
        b. abt. 1740 Maryland

DISCLAIMER: Nothing is 100% verified.  This should not be considered complete or accurate, just as the information that follows should not be considered accurate or complete unless I expressly list I have a source for it.

Abstract of Jackson GRIFFITH's Will
 Liber 9, folio 540
30 Sept. 1755
     To 2 daus., Martha & Asenath Griffith my 2 plntns on Farlo Crk. called Easter Neck, Martha, my extrx., to have 1st choice.
     Witn: John Woodward, Mary Meeks, Alexr. Gleim.
     1 Nov. 1755, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Now, you'll notice that NO MENTION of William is in that will, just his two daughters.  Why is this?  William would have either been 10 or 15 (depending on if you have him born 1740 or 1745), why wouldn't he be included in his father's will?  Is it because this is NOT his father?  Was he apprenticed out?  Was he already out of the household by then (at 15 years of age)? 

And what about Ann?  We assume she's dead by now, as there's no mention of her either.  What about her birth?  Why was there only a few children?  Why can't I find any information on her?

Here's what I think.

I believe Ann Blackiston was married FIRST to William Blackiston.  If this is the case, her maiden name would be Ann PARK.  William Blackiston died 10 May 1737 and in his Will, he lists his wife Ann and "unborn child".  Now, back then, whether or not you were a widow or single, being pregnant and being alone just wasn't done all that often, right?  Is it possible that Jackson married Ann and raised Blackiston's child as his own?  Is that why there is no child born to them in the year 1738 when they married and their first child (Martha) is born near the end of 1739?  Is this also why Jackson & Ann only had a few children - because she had already given birth to many with Blackiston?

This could also clear up the question of who Ann "Hannah", wife of William Jackson b. 1774/1778 is.  It's said she was a cousin, or some relation with the last name of either Griffith OR Blackson/Blackiston.  Could she have been a step sister?  Or a half-sister?  Could the family at the time tried to hide the fact of the marriage to so close a relative?  I mean, marriages to cousins were pretty normal back then, but to step sisters or half sisters?  I think I would try to hide that as well as I could if I were in their shoes.

Anyways, Jackson being Ann's second marriage is just speculation on my part.  No proof, but it's kind of hard to ignore how the dates fall, and how her son COULD have married a daughter of hers and Blakiston's.  Maybe someday, the mystery will be cleared. 

Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume 2 By Maryland Historical Society.  (free goggle ebook) pg. 64
Maryland Marriages, 1655-1800
KENT COUNTY (Wills) PP. 291-292 Jackson Griffith, 1 November 1755. 04/07/87. Tracking No.: 18539. PD No.: 87 2152.

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