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Harley Griffith & Zedith Dowdy

Harley and Zedith Griffith are my paternal great-grandparents.  Sadly, I don't know much about them aside from their statistical information.

A Few Notes About Harley:
1.) A few years back, I met a woman through a message board named Donna Phillips who had a relative who was in one of the wars with Harley.  She sent me a black & white photograph and her relatives "war story" that he was doing for a magazine or some such.  However, that piece of information AND the picture has gone MIA in my house, and I can't find it anywhere.  Once I find it, I'll post up the accurate information for this note.

2.) Also a few years back, I met a cousin through a message board named Beverly Griffith from Ohio.  She originally contacted me in reference to ancestors Lester GRIFFITH and Oley GRIFFITH, who we thought were brothers to Harley.  I've now come to the conclusion that they must be a half brothers to Harley, as Harley only had brothers Carl & Woodrow before his father James disappeared between the 1910 & 1920 census'; as his mother is listed as "Stella OWENS" on the 1920 census.

Beverly and I have since lost touch, and the information she sent me has gone MIA with Donna's picture.  If you're out there, I'd love to hear from you again!

A Few Notes About Zedith:
1.) The 1920 US Census lists Zedith as Ziddeth, the 1910 US Census is slightly harder for me to read - but it looks like Zedith or Zidith.  Did the census taker spell her name phonetically?  Did she change her name?  The 1930 US Census clearly shows Zedith with Harley.

    b. abt. 1902 in Indiana
    d. Not 100% sure - I have one source saying 1962, one saying 1987.  Too big of a gap for me to post a definite date.
Father: James GRIFFITH
Mother: Estelle/Estella/Stella SHEETS

married 23 Dec 1922 - Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois. 

Zedith DOWDY
    b. 22 Jul 1905 in Illinois
    d. 13 Mar 1987 - Cicero, Cook, Illinois
Father: Edgar DOWDY
Mother:  Anna ALDRIDGE

1.) Dwight Eugene GRIFFITH
        b. 30 Nov 1923
        d. 8 Mar 1999 Harrisburg, Saline, Illinois
2.) Kenneth Junior GRIFFITH
        b. 4 Jan 1925
        d. 19 Nov 1988 Downers Grove, Du Page, Iliinois
3.) Wendel GRIFFITH
        b. 3 Oct 1927
        d. 8 Dec 2006 Braceville, Grundy, Illinois

Notes For The Harley Griffith Family:
My father told me that the 3 boys, Ken, Wendel, and Dwight, were paratroopers in WWII.  They enlisted together, and from my very, very cursory archive searches on NARA, I find very little information that SEEMS relevant.  Oh, the names are there, but the birth dates don't match.  Did they lie about their ages so they were old enough to enlist?  What's also curious is there are three names that match, but the actual names don't - Kenneth W., Kenneth J., and Kenneth D.  Now...those middle initials match, but first names, only 2 of 3 match.  But the dates are about right.  Very curious indeed.  I plan to do more research into their services, and will post more when I know more.

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1920 US Census
Harrisburg Court House, Harrisburg Marriage Book M, pg. 344
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