Monday, May 23, 2011

William Jackson Griffith & Ann "Hannah"

We're not just murky, we're damn near obscure now.  90% of the information below is UNVERIFIED as of yet by myself.  If anyone has any clues, I'd greatly appreciate them.

William Jackson & Ann "Hannah" GRIFFITH are my 6th paternal great grandparents.  Notes and speculations will be listed after the family data.

William Jackson GRIFFITH
       b. 1740/5 Kent County, Maryland
       d. 1821/2 Shelby County, Kentucky
*I've seen a birth year 1745 and also that he died in Switzerland or Hendricks County, Indiana.
Father: Jackson GRIFFITH

married on about 1788 to

Ann "Hannah" Griffith Blackson/Blakiston/Blackstone
      b.abt 1740 Virginia
      d. 1821 Shelby County, Kentucky
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

2.) Patterson GRIFFITH
        b. 8 Feb 1769 Greenbrier, West Virginia
        d. 7 Oct 1845 Carroll County, Kentucky
3.) William Jackson GRIFFITH (click me!)
4.) Nancy GRIFFITH
        b. 1774 , Somerset County, Pennsylvania
        d. 1804 Shelby County, Kentucky
        m. Joseph LEWIS, Jr.
5.) Elizabeth GRIFFITH
        b. 1778 Franklin County, Virginia
        d. 1870
6.) Benjamin S GRIFFITH
        b. 1 Feb 1782 Hartford, Maryland
        d. 22 Nov 1852 Hendricks. Indiana

DISCLAIMER: Nothing is 100% verified.  Other than a few Census' in the early 1800's, I have yet not found any information regarding William, his wife, their family, or even her name.  The children listed above were added based on other researcher's work, and not my own.  They should not be considered complete or accurate, just as the information that follows should not be considered accurate or complete unless I expressly list I have a source for it.

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1820 US Census
DAR Genealogical Research System

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